Homepage is nothing but a browser hijacker disguised as a search homepage. Though the virus may imitate many of search engine operations like redirecting and helps searching but they yield only negative results. Homepage will redirect to malicious websites many of them which are adware spreading sites. And even the search results are all manipulated and will only direct to sites which are normally avoided.

Most notably browser hijacker will install adware will display popup windows incessantly causing untold damage to system resources. Once a browser gets infected with this virus, all browsers installed on an infected computer get equally affected. It is known fact that browser virus will keep redirecting to suspicious sites which have nothing to do with PC user interest.

It doesn’t stop there, everything gets changes including screen saver, wall paper, Toolbars to name a few. Many of the changes are not particularly harmful but cause untold suffering by frequently playing popup advertisements videos which often interfere in the normal computer functioning.

The browser hijackers changes settings in such a way that these changes will continue even after restarting computer. Browser virus will install spyware which is like allowing hackers or third party vendors to monitor online and offline activities.

Computer suddenly experiencing freezes or crashes or hangs in the middle of important session may have something to do with the browser hijacker infection. There is no need to worry about the browser virus.

How to Homepage browser hijacker virus: We recommend you to contact tech support for removing the virus. Homepage browser hijacker virus
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