Popup Virus keeps appearing on your Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox (MF) or Google Chrome (GC)? Then your computer has been infected by adware that will interrupt your web browsing experience and degrade computer or browser performance seriously. If appears on your web browser, please follow this article to remove immediately and to stop further damages. is a newly identified computer virus which belongs to the adware or browser hijacker family. Computer users are always unable to detect the adware infection until they are redirected to the website frequently. The reason for this the adware infection always enters into targeted computer furtively.

Brief description of Popup Virus: is a perilous adware and browser hijacker that always opens its websites on your web browser when you are surfing the internet. This website provides free driver updates to its visitors, what it displays on its websites are commercial ads, sponsored ads that are most of paid products and services. Research says that most of the online users are forced to browse contents of when they open their installed browser or new window. This is an evil activity that an adware does, it just inserts malicious codes on people browsers and keep redirecting them to its advertisement websites or domain. Though it is an unethical service, increases internet traffic and promotes its advertisements. Browser Redirect Virus will cause various problems on computer and if you don’t remove it in time, it is much capable to connect to the remote server to drop other virus infections and damages your system and as well as steal user sensitive information. To prevent further loss or damage, it is suggested to remove it as quickly as possible. Browser Hijacker will harm targeted computer severely:

 Browser redirect will collect your confidential data and information

Browser hijacker may downloads other malicious viruses, infections, adware, malwares etc

Adware will slows down the speed of a computer

This malware inserts malicious adware codes to harass online user and make his browser experience hell

Virus infection can block the firewall or security protection tools

Once the adware infiltrates into computer, it will alter the browser settings and won’t allow user to get them back

No matter which browser you are using the homepage and default search results may be automatically redirected to

Some strange icons related to the pornographic content or commercial websites appears on the bookmarks of affected computer

Even though if victim has deletes them many times, they will be back again

Most of the cases users may be interrupted by the pop up ads from when they are doing something on internet

Browser hijacker has the key logger functionality when it stays more time in affected computer, it will keep monitoring and recording user browsing history, username, IP address, passwords, bank accounts or credit details and forward those information to the virus creator

If these pop ups always advertising the products as per your interest, you should pay attention to the crucial data

It is not easy to remove popup Virus by using of antivirus tools

Note: If you are not an experienced computer user, then adware or browser hijacker removal from windows system is very difficult and risky process for you. If you have expert level knowledge and proficient skills on computer usage then you can choose manual method to remove Popup Ads. If you are not enough experienced on manually remove browser redirect virus, please get technical support help.

During these cases, we recommend you to contact tech support and take their help to remove virus.

Please Read This Before you do anything

We have noticed that many users do not note down our helpline number. They get stuck and can’t get past the removal instructions screen due to virus. To get out of the stuck state, call us at 1-877-623-2121, you will be guided through every step.

Step 1:Press and hold down your power button until the computer turns off. Shut down your computer for 10-15 seconds. Find F8 key on your keyboard.

Step 2:hand-f8Turn the computer on and start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard continuously until Windows Advanced Option menu appears.

safemodeStep 3:Now use the down arrow key to select Safe Mode with Networking and Press Enter.

If for some reason you cannot get into safe mode, call us at 1-877-623-2121 for further instructionsSome updated versions of this virus program prevents access to safe mode with networking

star+rStep 4: After booting into Safemode with Networking, press and hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and then press R key simultaneously (with out releasing windows key).

If for some reason you cannot get Run Box to Load, call us at 1-877-623-2121 for further instructions.

runStep 5:The Run Box will show up. Now type
in the Run Box and Press OK to proceed further
note: there is a space after iexplore The default browser will then show a file with the extention .exe. Click Run to save the file and Click Run once again to Run the file. Now wait for the Macrofix Downloader to complete the download.Dowanload
Step 6:Once the download completes, Macrofix fixkit licensing Agreement window will open, select I Agree and Click Next to proceed further. Wait for the Macrofix fixkit to install. Click Close button once fixkit has been installed.

If for some reason you cannot install the Macrofix fixkit, call us at 1-877-623-2121 for further instructions

Some updated versions of this virus program can stop Macrofix fixkit from installing

Step 7:Now you need to Create Macrofix Account. SpyBurst Anti-Malware will start scanning your computer. But don’t wait until scan finish. Follow below steps for safety.Some updated versions of this virus program can corrupt registry files, so it is recommended to run full registry scan.
regkiller-298x300Step 8:Click on RegKiller icon
in the Macrofix fixkit. Next Click on Scan button and wait for the scan progress to finish. And remove detected Problems.If for some reason you cannot install the Macrofix fixkit, call us at 1-877-623-2121 for further instructions
Some latest versions of this virus encrypt data completely, so it is recommended to backup data on yourcomputer
bakuper-300x181Step 9:So, Now Click MyBackuper icon in the macrofix fixkit menu. Click Yes to proceed further. Wait for the windows to configure the Mybackuper.
spyburst-298x300Step 10:Now Maximize SpyBurst window & Remove all detected Items.
Step 11:If the problem still persists Call us Now at 1-877-623-2121 OR Chat with a Live Technician for Manual virus removal.